Friday, July 8, 2011

See my episode of The Quilt Show for free next week!

I have a special offer to share with all my blog readers and people who have signed up for my e-newsletter! From July 11 – this Monday – to July 17, you can watch my episode of The Quilt Show with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims for free! The Quilt Show is a subscription-based, fully produced online television show. I joined a while back, and I have been so impressed. If you loved Alex on her old TV show, “Simply Quilts,” (which ran for many years on HGTV) you know how well-produced and informative her show was. Ricky adds his knowledge, energy and personality to this new show, and the website is very meaty – there is an amazing amount of information and entertainment here.

My episode, the season premiere, is number 901. Starting Monday, you can click here to watch it for free. Wooo-hoooo!

If you haven't joined “The Quilt Show” yet, this is the perfect time to try it out, and see all the great things on the website. If you want to join, I have a promotional code you can use July 11-17 to receive a 20% discount. The magic number is:

On the show, I share my secrets for making great bias vines, and sharp concave and convex corners when you do needleturn appliqué. Then I demonstrate my technique of taking a photo and translating it into a work of art. Both projects I demonstrated on the show are nests. Members can download free patterns for both projects I demonstrated on the show.

You can also watch a slideshow of behind-the-scenes photos from the day I taped the show, or get a sneak peek by watching the trailer.


  1. I look forward to seeing the video. I need to upgrade my mac, the videos look a bit grainy but on others they are fine? I also got an ebook and reader and it is a pain, so need to try them on my dell instead.


  2. what a nice gift to us, Susan. I am going to watch.........

  3. Wow, your quilts are gorgeous! I'm so glad you are on the quilt show or I'd never found you! ~karen

  4. I have been looking forward to seeing the video, and will be doing that this afternoon.

  5. I watched the show and you were wonderful. Your mom would have been so proud. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I also watched the episode yesterday and loved it. You were terrific and I agree your Mom would have been so proud of you.
    I love how Alex stopped and made sure the audience caught the golden nuggets you just tossed out.
    I bet it was really fun to do the show with them.


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