Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quilting Arts TV Series 900

With Pokey Bolton on the set of Quilting Arts TV
This week, I was in Cleveland, Ohio, to shoot three segments for Quilting Arts TV. It was SO much fun, and it was great to see some old friends and make some new ones. 

My segments will be in episodes 901, 904 and 907, which will air in late 2011 or early 2012 on many public television stations. This is the third August I’ve headed to Cleveland to shoot segments – the previous ones were featured in 2009-10 (series 500) and 2010-11 (series 700). 

I took lot of photos to share with you, since I know how much I like a behind-the-scenes peek at things. 

Here is Karen, a fabulous makeup artist, touching up Pokey Bolton’s makeup:

Karen does Pokey’s makeup before the shoot
Candy Glendening shows off some of her amazing hand-dyed fabrics in the Green Room (where you get organized, and wait to go on set):

Here’s an up-close look at one of her masterpieces (check out lots more at Candied Fabrics and make sure to read her blog, too):

Helen Gregory (below, left) is managing editor for Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines. Helen helps things run smoothly in the Green Room, manages the production of the Quilting Arts DVDs, and is also a calming, positive presence when the artists start to freak out from the stress. She’s great at talking guests down off the ledge. Thanks, Helen!

When you walk onto the set, you are in a big, cavernous room, with the set at one end. Cameras and lights take up most of the space in front:

This is what it looks like when you are sitting at the table about to start shooting. Very bright lights, three or four cameras, and kind of intimidating:

I’ve admired Debra Gabel’s graphic style for years. Now we are both C&T authors; her new book is Quilt Blocks Across America; a world version is coming along later this year. Don’t we look great together in our jewel-tone blouses?

Pokey and I snuggle up with the Bernina 550 QE on set. Bernina is a sponsor of the show, which makes me very happy, since I use a Bernina at home, and love it!

This is a shot I took of the TV in the Green Room, showing Judy Coates Perez and Pokey shooting a segment demonstrating ways to use RIT products. Judy has developed some techniques for using these products in very interesting ways, and you will not believe the amazing results she gets. I was glued to the screen.

This is Jo Leichte, Bernina USA’s Education Department Editor. Jo made sure I had the right machine, the right needle, and was all set up to stitch with ease while on set. Jo and I were excited to get a sneak peek at the new issue of Quilting Arts Gifts.

One wall in the set has been painted the most wonderful peachy color since the last time I saw it:

This sunlit window looks so realistic! But it is actually fake; we were hermetically sealed in that studio!

I found my little birthday cake and candles postcard gift (celebrating Quilting Arts’ 10th birthday) on the bulletin board on the peachy wall. That’s it right in the center.
A wall on one side of the set
The door to the Green Room has lots of little  photos of Pokey in different outfits, and the number of the episodes she will wear them. This helps everyone remember how she should be dressed when she shoots the segments, since they are often shot out of order.

Want to know what Pokey will wear in episodes 905 and 906? Now you do!
Here are some additional photos Judy took and sent to me:

Me with Elin Waterston, Judy Coates-Perez and Candy Glendening, after dinner on Monday night in Cleveland
On set with Pokey (this shot was taken of the TV in the Green Room while I was shooting a segment)
With Helen Gregory in the Green Room
One of the crew arranging my nametag holders on the table before the shoot
Working out the details with Pokey and the crew before the shoot
Talking over a segment with Pokey and the producers
Whew! It was fun, but it is great to be home!


  1. You look marvelous in that bright shirt. It sounds like your take went really well. Congrats!

  2. Thanks, Tami! It's amazing what a good makeup job and a pretty color will do! It was really fun to shoot, and to hang out with such neat, creative people.

  3. I wish I could get that show, would love to see it.


  4. Oh, I'm sorry if your public TV station doesn't carry it, Debbie! Did you know that each series is available on DVD through Quilting Arts/Interweave? They often go on sale, so they are a little more affordable.

  5. Looks like you were having tons of fun. I don't want to be on TV...ever...but I do want to hang out in the Green Room playing with everyone's stuff...that looked so tempting. You are glowing in the pix so I can tell you were having a ball.


  6. I enjoyed this post, Susan! I always love to see behind the scenes stuff. Very cool! Can't wait to see your episodes!

  7. You gave a GREAT description of how it is on set and in the green room, and you took lots of informative pix, you awesome blogger you! :-)

    Thanks for all your support, you and the rest of the awesome folks there made my stress very manageable! woot!

  8. Stress? I didn't see any signs of stress, Candy! ;-)


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