Friday, September 9, 2011

My second piece for Meadowood Stitched

Okay, I know I'm cutting it close. There are just three weeks until the opening of Meadowood Stitched, the exhibition by the members of Fiber Art Options at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. I have finished one piece, and have just started the second. Well not really, part of it has been done for years. I think I made this butterfly about five years ago. It is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. 

Clarification: The photo above is of a three-dimensional butterfly made from fabric and thread, positioned on impatiens. (I remember sending this photo to my mom, and she thought it was a real butterfly, until I pointed out the scale, and told her, “If you saw a butterfly this big on your impatiens, you’d be running for your life!” But I was really pleased that it looked that realistic to her.)

My idea is to position this three-dimensional butterfly on a painted background, soaring up into a bright blue sky, with grass at the bottom. Something like this grass:

I took this photo at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden’s meadow area that they are calling Meadowood, which will officially open this fall. This afternoon, I started the piece I am planning by tracing this grass:

It is going to be about 24" x 36". I am going to have to “hustle my bustle” to complete this piece by the deadline. But hey, I love deadlines! Stay tuned. 


  1. Your new piece is stunning and I love the 3D effect.


  2. Deadlines? What are those? I seem to blow right past them...yikes.

    Butterfly is beautiful and I really like the grass seeing you transfer it. Will you then blow it up on a printer?


  3. Yes, I have scanned it in, then blown it up, and altered it a bit (the grass needs to fill a width at the bottom, but not be too tall, as there needs to be space for the sky and butterfly). I'm working on that part tonight, and will post more as I work over the weekend.

  4. Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more. And I loved the Stowe Botanical Garden... spent the afternoon there while visiting my aunt & uncle in Gastonia last year. A wonderful place!

  5. Stunning - I can't wait to see more!!

  6. Do you use Poste Razor or something to print them out once you've scanned and enlarged it, or do you have one of those large printers that can do the big sized prints?

  7. Susan,
    please see the follow tests I ran about Frixion pens. I think you might want to reconsider their use.

  8. Love the peacock on white - beautiful. I also love your new book. It combines two techniques that I am working to learn/improve - photography and art quilting. (In response to your question, I have been reading quilting books and buying fabric for 3 years and made my first quilt 2 months ago after taking an art quilt class.) Jodi


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