Monday, September 12, 2011

Quilting “Up and Away!”

Here’s where my new piece, Up and Away!, stands now. Last night I added the purpley-blue at the top, since the piece was looking flat to me. I think it has a lot more magic in it now. Funny how one change like that can make such a big difference. I also went back in and re-painted some of the grass with more saturated color, and I like the way some strands look hazy, like they are out of focus in the background. This helped to add some depth, too.

The placement of the butterfly is not exact; I just plunked it down there for the photo. (It is already stitched and ready to position once I have quilted the sky). That is next.


  1. Beautiful! I love seeing the progression :)

  2. I really do love this piece, I need to start practicing my painting and machine quilting skills.


  3. This is really beautiful! I agree with gathered threads....I love to see the piece progress also. What did you use to darken the blue of the sky? Tsukineko Ink, Inktense, or something else??

  4. I used the same paint I used for the grass (PROfab Transparent Textile Paint). I mixed up some purpley-blue with a good amount of extender to make it fairly pale, then brushed it on with a foam brush. I used my hands and a damp sponge to blend it in.

    Glad you have enjoyed seeing the progress. I love sharing it with you, and it also helps me to document what I do. I think the act of writing down my thought process is very helpful to me as I work. Also, taking the photographs of the piece as I work, and sizing them down to use on my blog helps me see things in a different way... I notice problems with the value or scale of of piece that I miss otherwise.

  5. This piece is really coming along. I love seeing the progression.


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