Thursday, November 3, 2011


Tonight I attended Quiltapalooza, a dinner and entertainment event at International Quilt Festival. The “Fashion Stops Below the Knees” shoe challenge was a hoot! Competition entrants strutted their stuff on the runway, showing off handmade and/or hand decorated shoes.

There were also some fun games, and lots of laughs. I was frankly amazed at the amount of loot given away at this event by sponsors. There were also awesome raffle prizes. If you have not attended this event before, you should really make plans to come next year if you are at Festival. 

Please note: I am taking lots of photos at Festival — including lots and lots of quilts! — and I will share them with you in batches once I get home. I wanted to post each night, but I am teaching, and starting my duties as Vice President of Public Service for International Quilt Association, so any extra time I have during Festival (ha!) is spent sleeping. 


  1. VP for IQA!! Congratulations. That is terrific, know you will do a super job. Nancy

  2. Congratulations on the new job as VP for IQA. That is terrific, know you will do a super job!

  3. Those are some awesome footwear! I especially love the mint green shiny Doc Martens. (really. I do!)


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