Friday, January 6, 2012

New life for a stained textile

Yesterday, I stopped in an antique store that is closing in my hometown. Lots of things were 50% off, and I snatched up a wonderful crocheted lace tablecloth for $8. It was in pretty good shape except for a few places that were unraveling, and a fair number of stains. Even after bleaching, they were still somewhat visible. This morning, I cut it into panels and hung them as curtains in my laundry room. 

I love the airy, delicate feel they give this space. My laundry room used to be a side porch on my 1916 home; it was closed in before we purchased the house 15 years ago. That’s why the ceiling is bead board (wainscoting). I painted the walls the same cornflower blue as the kitchen, as the room is visible from the kitchen.

There are certain times of the day – early morning and late afternoon – when the slant of light is just right, and it pours in through these windows. That’s when I think I’ll enjoy looking at this lace the most. And it makes me feel good to recycle something so beautiful, something that someone put a lot of work and time into making.


  1. Absolutely lovely! What a great idea!

  2. It's the perfect touch for this window. What a great find! Too bad the shop is closing.

  3. I think your lacy curtains are absolutely beautiful! You gave me an idea what to do with an old stained tablecloth that I can't bear to part with.

  4. What a wonderful idea, it looks beautiful over the window. I have some old lace curtains that I shouldn't have washed in a machine, now they are shredded, so trying to think of an idea I can use the good pieces with.


  5. What a lovely effect, congratulations, wish I had a kitchen/laudry window to try it out on.

  6. Aren't they beautiful!!! And after all, what's really perfect & pristine in this world of ours? You'll love seeing the designs they make in your room when the sun comes through!

  7. Vintage linens are definitely a eye catcher...I love your recycling...and they are beautiful against the blue and the window.

    I have some saved in my stash just waiting for me to discover where they will be most beautiful.


  8. beautiful! and you are so right... so much time went in to that piece!
    Great blog, nice to "meet" you!



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