Thursday, March 29, 2012

Amsterdam, Day 6

Amsterdam! It is an amazing city: Canals, gates, bikes, prostitutes, people of every race and every nationality speaking every kind of language, cobblestones, one of the world's best concert halls, famous paintings, houseboats, the smell of pot, beautiful boutiques, flowers, funny souvenirs, a palace, and swans... That's a lot to experience in one day!


  1. I am enjoying your trip, with you and I love those slippers.


  2. I recognize so many things in your pix that I have in my own! Great place and great time of the year to visit. I have only the most fond memories of the Nederlands.

  3. Looks and sounds as if it hasn't changed since 1972 when I was last there. Nice to know some things never change! Enjoy.


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