Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Friesland, Luttelgeest, Rouveen and Staphorst - Day 4

Today I had a free day and Lya took me sightseeing. We drove through the province of Friesland, which has many lovely farms decorated with this symbol of two swans:

This is the way willows are traditionally trimmed in the Netherlands:

The Friesland coal black horses:

We were very lucky to spot some storks! Lya says that they are rare, but making a comeback in the Netherlands. This stork was gathering sticks for its nest.

Here are two storks nesting:

These photos are in black and white because I am a total klutz. I was so busy looking at all the amazing things around me that I tripped and fell, and must have pushed a button that switched off the color! (And yes, I'm okay.)
Next, we drove to Luttelgeest to de Orchideeen Hoeve - een Tropisch Paradijs (the Orchid House - A Tropical Paradise). There were many enormous greenhouses in this area, growing many kinds of flowers.

Lya snaps some photos of the orchids:

There was also a big area filled with hundreds of butterflies.

This is a fragment of a blue Morpho butterfly wing. There were lots flying around, but they were very elusive.

The orchid greenhouses were lined with antique tools and farm implements, including this cookie mold:

And old wooden shoes:

In the afternoon, we visited two small towns known for their traditional farmhouses, Rouveen and Staphorst.

Houses here have shutters and doors painted green.

Here is a woman in traditional dress, on bicycle:

Workers re-thatching a roof:

As the roof gets older, it sometimes grows a lovely mossy coat:

Nearly all of the houses are impeccably neat, clean, and well cared for, but I found one house up for sale that had wonderful old paint and rust.

On the way home, we had to wait for a boat to pass the drawbridge over a canal:

More tomorrow!


  1. What an amazing place and so much beauty in the area. I can see a lot of new quilts in your future.


  2. Those thatched roofs are so cool. That's the kind of thing that makes it seem like you're in a completely different world. And the traditional dress, on someone just going about her daily business -- where would you find that in the US (besides Amish areas)? Awesome.

  3. The colours of the flowers & designs on the butterflies took my breath away - thank you for sharing your trip.

  4. That was a lovely day! All those butterflies must give a lot of inspiration. I have never been there, but I sure will visit that show. And especially for Alisan: this traditional costume is as rare as the Amish. There are only a few places left where they wear traditional dresses.
    gr. Marjolijn

  5. I see a lot of new quilts coming.

  6. Thank you for taking us along with you...the photos are mini vacations for me...Thank you!!!

    I've been indulging in your book, Point, Click, Quilt so I can't help but think of all the photo inspirations you will have when you get home.

    Enjoy and breathe it all in :)


  7. Oh what great photos! I see lots of new quilts coming from them.
    Thanks for sharing your great trip

  8. It is great to see our country through your eyes!


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