Tuesday, March 6, 2012

“Heirloom Pumpkins” – Day 1, PM

After working on this for about four or five hours today, I have most of the fabrics ready to fuse down. I’m liking the change to the blue background. The light yellow was just too blah. The black looks really dark at the bottom of this piece right now, but I think once I add some black on the dark orange, and some orange on the dark black, it will be a more gradual shading. There will be some detail added in the black area.

On the orange pumpkins, I stayed in the medium value range, since I'll add a lot of lighter and darker thread on top.

In the photo below, you can see how it started out. The light blue is just a background fabric that got completely covered up with the pattern pieces. The black lines on the positioning overlay (clear upholstery vinyl) help me place the pattern pieces exactly where they need to go.

In this photo, I have the dark areas at the bottom placed, and am starting to add the darker orange on the main pumpkin:

I am almost ready to start thread sketching. This is always exciting to me, since the piece totally transforms and comes alive.


  1. I love how the shades look on the piece and that blue is a beautiful shade.


  2. mmm beautiful, just like a painting :)


  3. The joy of complementary colors! Like how it is progressing! Cheers, Sarah

  4. It is so interesting watching your process. I can't wait to see what the thread painting will do for the piece.


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