Sunday, March 18, 2012

Painting in Paradise: Naples, Florida

I just got back from three days in Naples, Florida, with the Naples Quilters Guild. They were such a kind, friendly, talented group! Yesterday, I taught my Wholecloth Painting class in the beautiful courtyard outside guild president Judy Bauckham’s house. It was like paradise!

It is always interesting to see how each student’s work reflects her own style… even if she didn’t know she had one!

I have a passion for blue-and-white ceramics, and was swooning over this large vase. And look at the amazing etching on Judy’s doors.

This shot is of the courtyard before the students arrived:

I don’t know the name of this tree with the amazing yellow blooms, but I love them! This shot was taken outside of a community center where I taught my threadsketching class on Friday:

Nancy Polzien, who is a member of my home guild, Lake Norman Quilters, is a snowbird who lives in Naples in the winter. She picked me up at the airport on Thursday and drove me all over Naples so I could see some of the area before I spoke that night. She took me to the Naples Pier so I could glimpse the beautiful white sand beach!

What a great experience! Many thanks to Judy, Linda and Nancy – and the entire Naples Quilters Guild – for making it so much fun. 


  1. That is a beautiful place for a retreat, I think I would be tempted to stay all week or maybe two;)


  2. It's raining here today, flooding-type rain, the water tank is overflowing and I have to brave the elements to go feed the chooks soon. Your sunny pictures have given me a boost!

  3. This tree looks much like the yellow ipe, here in Brazil. See here:

  4. Apart from the great photos on your workshops, the one that took my attention was the pelican. I always thought pelicans were white (they are here in Australia) & when we toured the US - I found out you have brown ones!


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