Thursday, March 1, 2012

“Passion Flower” – Day 4

Here’s how my passion flower looked by the time I went to bed last night. I made good progress with the thread sketching on the main flower, especially the radial filaments, stigmas and anthers at the center. You can see it a bit closer here:

I did some thread work on the petals, but I can see that I need to go back in with darker thread – maybe even some purple-red – to get the shading right. It still looks too flat to me.


  1. I believe you are right. There are darker and lighter areas in the photo that are not yet apparent in your rendition of the flower. Once you are done with those, it will look very life-like. Whish I could at least accomplish as much as you did so far!!!!

  2. I agree, the darker threads will give it more depth.
    Although, I think quilts do not look the same when close up.



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