Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Voluptuous spring!

Spring may have officially just sprung (the spring equinox was yesterday), but here near Charlotte, NC, it is in full throttle. I really hate the hot humid summers here – I was born a Yankee, so I wilt in the heat, after all – but spring is another matter. When I first moved to the south as a journalism graduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I was astounded by springtime in the south.

If you have never experienced it, it can bowl you over. There’s just something so voluptuous and earnest about it. No dilly-dally peeking through the snow, no slow plod to the first glimpse of green. It just takes a few days of strong sun and warm temperatures and then – wham! – it hits you.

I went out for my morning dog walk this morning, and I took my camera with me to record what I saw. We had a good, heavy rain last night, and it seemed like nature just turned on the green this morning, and everything was blooming. It was so beautiful that I just had to share it with you.

Johnny Jump-Ups
Lenten Rose
Anyone know the name of this? It is really cool!
Yellow Trumpet Vine
Bridal Wreath Spirea
Pink Dogwood
This looks a lot like Lily of the Valley, but the blooms are more elongated.
Money Plant (Lunaira anna) is in the mustard family
Weeping Cherry
Take some time this week to slow down and take a close look at what is going on in nature around you. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are not seeing much springiness going on yet, just wait … it’s coming!


  1. Wow! These are really beautiful! Did not realize so many flowers were blooming in this area. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I thought we were really far ahead here in the foothills, but Mooresville is much farther ahead! This is my favorite time of the year even if it does play havoc with my allergies. There is something new to see every day and now to photograph with my new camera and new eye thanks to you. I have finished my blue barn, I will try to send a picture soon.

  3. edirmstSusan - I think the green plant is euphorbia. There are many varieties of this plant - all wonderful imho. Thanks for the beautiful photos. Ellen.

  4. Beautiful...please send more spring up north. We're on the southern edge of the Adirondack Mtns. in NY. Can't wait to see the blossoms up here...thank you for the preview!!!

  5. Susan, the photos are so lovely! Believe it or not, here in Massachusetts we have had a crazy early Spring and the magnolias, crocus, snowdrops, scilla, and some azaleas are blooming already! We keep waiting for the joke to end and winter to hit us hard again but the birds and plants all say it's spring! Weather has been in the 70's and 80's already! What will summer be like it it's like this in MARCH!?!

  6. What beautiful photographs! Spring came fast here in the north, too, this year. We are not quite as far as the you are there but it's nice to have spring early. Now to grab my camera and take some pictures!

  7. Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Lots of inspiration for you for more of your wonderful quilting projects.


  8. What a gorgeous show of flowers. I especially love that pink dogwood. Mary Ann

  9. The plant you are asking about is a Euphorbia. They look like they came from another planet!

    Wouldn't it be fun to make a little quilt for each of your pictures!

  10. the dog woods are beautiful. Do you know the story behind the flower?


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