Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Out and about in Groningen

This afternoon, Lya and I went into Groningen to see the Groningen Museum and visit Lya's favorite cheese shop. I was eager to buy some cheese to bring back; it has all been fantastic, and I think I may have eaten my weight in cheese during my stay. Hope my suitcase won't be overweight! Here are some shots of this wonderful city.

This is the old newspaper building. It has beautiful tile work, and nice windows.

This is the cheese shop. I bought a "young" Dutch cheese, an "old" ( aged one year) Dutch cheese, and one round cheese sealed in wax.

The shop had lovely Easter displays in its windows:

Looks like this guy has an appetite for autos!

Mosaic of men in traditional dress carrying cheeses:

Amazing doors:

This is the entrance to the Groningen museum:

The museum is known for its brightly colored walls, which are changed to complement the current exhibitions.

This exhibit was on fashion designer Azzedine Alaia, one of the last living couturiers.

Wonderful texture!

"Jan Jansz de Stomme" by Meenwertien Fockens, 1645. Detail below:

"Anoniem" by Bouwina Coenders van Helpen, 1630. Detail below.

From the museum's top level:

There was also an exhibit of fashion by the young Dutch designer Iris van Herpen, including this snakelike creation:

And this, which I think is made of heated acrylic that gives the impression of water:



  1. Oh Susan, I just read your post about buying cheese. I'm so sad to tell you that you can't take cheese into the US ... In fact no dairy products or perishable meats. Bummer, because I too have always wanted to share fantastic European cheeses with friends at home.

  2. Wonderful photos today and those dresses are too much, lol.


  3. You have seen so much. Groningen is a beautiful city! But you have missed the public toilet. That is so beautiful. So you will have to come back someday!
    A few years ago I have brought some cheese into the USA, well packed in my suitcase and had no problem at all! So it is worth trying!
    gr. Marjolijn

  4. Enjoying all your pics from your trip! I bet you have some great ideas for quilts!

  5. Jovita, I got the cheese through! I put it on my customs form, and told them about it when questioned. It was all shrink wrapped at the cheese shop, so perhaps that is what made a difference? At any rate, I am really happy! It would have been tragic to have to throw it out. I might have been tempted to just chow down right there in the customs line! :-)


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