Thursday, July 26, 2012

Please note: the photos in this post are a bit fuzzy because of the program I used to upload my blog post from my iPad. You can click on each photo for a clearer view. 
On Tuesday, I left home, and today, Thursday morning, I am waking up in South Africa. That should give you some idea of how long my flight was (about 18 hours from Washington, D.C.). In the Johannesburg airport, we were greeted by this amazing beaded elephant:

Then escorted by the organizers of International Quilt Convention - Africa to the Emperor's Palace, a huge resort complex and casino. Here are some photos of the area that contains many restaurants and the casino:

Yes, believe it or not, there is a Hooters here.

It was decorated with snow and ice because it is winter here in the Southern Hemisphere. The temperatures are expected to range from the high 30s to the low 70s (F), which I am loving after the very high temps in North Carolina lately.

This shot, taken from my room, shows just how close we are to the airport. But I slept great; didn't hear a thing!

Today we are recovering from jet lag and setting up for classes and the start of IQC - Africa tomorrow.


  1. On the 28th we flew out from that airport when we returned to N Ireland - some 36 years ago - there will be HUGE changes in South Africa since we left - have a great time

  2. See you tomorrow!!! That flight is the only bad part about coming to South Africa!!!

  3. I am so envious my skin is green! You are going to meet my bloging friend Beth. I hear she is going to be in one of your classes...give her a hug from me please :)

    Have fun...and I know you will.


  4. If I didn't see the photo of the airport, I would say it is a beautiful place to stay, lol. The inside of the hotel is like being in another world.


  5. Looks like mall next to Caesars las Vegas .


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