Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I’m teaching at the Inspire Retreat in the UK in June 2013

 Inspire Summer 2013 Quilting & Creative Textile Retreat
I’m thrilled to announce that I'll be teaching in the UK next summer, at the Inspire Retreat June 25-30. Other instructors that week are Gillian Travis, Dan Cameron Dick, Pat Archibald and Ferret Capri. You can choose a different workshop with a different instructor each day. (As usual, I wish I were going as a student!) 
The event was organized by artists Gail Cowley and Janet Gledhill, and will be held at the lovely Lancaster House Hotel Green Lane in Ellel, Lancaster. Check out all the details here and make plans to join us! Here are my classes:
Tuesday, June 26: Wholecloth Painting: Still Life

Wednesday, June 27: Thread Sketching: Crayons

Thursday, June 28: Paint & Stitch: Peacock Feather

Friday, June 29: Thread Sketching: Dragonfly

Saturday, June 30: Wholecloth Painting: Botanicals


  1. These all look like fun!!!! Wish that we could have done a painted one while you were in South Africa... but DC is a bit closer to the Carolinas... and therefore, maybe another opportunity!!! I have a plan for the White Tiger .... just need some time and a good space to make it happen.

  2. That sounds like a dream retreat and a wonderful place to visit and be inspired.



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