Monday, October 1, 2012

Apron in progress

My embroidered apron is coming along! This is a project I took up to relieve stress; I find that if I keep my hands busy, my head can’t think and worry too much. I’m loving the handwork, and the chicken scratch stitches really do look magical up close, like little bits of confetti tossed up and suspended in mid air. 

I’m working on the sides now, adding two more pairs of scissors (truly, you can never have too many pairs, right?) and a tape measure along the bottom.

Stress, stress, go away. Come again another day (not!)


  1. Truly beautiful....too nice to ever wear, needs framing! lol
    I have always said my stitching is my therapy.
    It was once cheaper than using a shrink, but now, when I look at my stash and consider my wish list ....well, its not cheaper any longer lol

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