Saturday, January 5, 2013

I’m on the cover of “Genetics in Medicine”!

“Uncle Albert’s Reverie” is on the cover of the January 2013 issue of Genetics in Medicine, “the official journal of  the American College of Genetics and Genomics.” I gave them permission to rotate and crop the image of the piece as needed to work with their cover design. Here is the entire piece, which I started in a class with Judy Coates Perez several years ago.

“How did this happen?” you might ask. Well, an old friend of mine, Karyn Hede, from journalism graduate school (at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is News Editor for the publication. We’ve stayed in touch, and a few months ago she wrote to ask if I’d submit some photos of my work for consideration for use on the cover of the publication. It usually features abstract art, but she said she didn’t think they had ever featured a fiber artist before.

Karyn is a biology/chemistry major who studied genetics at the graduate level and earned a M.S. before getting her M.A. in journalism.


  1. Congratulations and I love how it looks on the cover. I haven't read those types of magazines in ages.


  2. Congratulations - you piece looks great on the front of the journal!

  3. That's really special! I remember loving the artwork on the cover of some of my text books in college so much more than the contents! This cover almost makes the subject interesting to those of us who could not understand a word of it. You are truly an accomplished artist!

  4. That's awesome! Your quilt is gorgeous and unique as our dna! Sweet

  5. Wow--what an honor! Beautiful work, and I can see how the genetics folks saw the connection. Congratulations! I'm especially aware of the thrill after my quilt made the catalog cover of the China exhibit I posted about recently.

  6. Very cool. It's the perfect image for the subject!


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