Thursday, April 18, 2013

More of Melbourne

Here are more photos of Melbourne, taken on Wednesday, before my first day of teaching.

St. Patrick's Cathedral:

Spectacular mural on the side of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade building:

Australian coins:

State Houses of Parliament:

Princess Theatre:

State Library of Victoria:

St. George slaying the dragon (in front of the library):

Statue of Latrobe at the library (with pigeon on his head!):

Statue of Joan of Arc:

English-style pub:

Beautiful pastry shop:

Uggs store!

At QV Centre shopping complex:

Fitzroy Gardens:

Captain Cook's Cottage:

The Fairies' Tree is an actual tree stump carved with scenes of fairies and native animals:

Headed back toward Paliament:


  1. What an amazing city and so many beautiful things to see and do.


  2. Well, I'm exhausted from that walk around Melbourne - hope you enjoy your time in our great country - welcome!

  3. Looks like such a beautiful city! I hope I get to see it myself in person someday! Thank you for sharing!


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