Thursday, April 11, 2013

Painted Comber

The fish of the day is the Painted Comber. This is the third fish I’ve painted for my new piece, “We All Swim Together.” He is a species of sea bass; beautiful fish with shades of pale blue and pale yellow, and darker areas of gold and brown, and distinctive black streaks on his body and up into the fins.

Painted Comber
Latin Name:
Serranus scriba
Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea
300-450 feet
12-14" and 1-1.3 pounds


  1. This one is really beautiful, love his colors. I can't imagine how beautiful this is going to be when this is quilted.


  2. I am VERY excited about it, Debbie! I am starting to think about how I will quilt it. A lot will depend on what I do with the background. I'm considering either a blue-green streaked background, or possibly incorporating type – text that tells more about each species. I'll have some time to think about it, since I have a LOT of fish still to paint. :-)

  3. I think this is a beautiful quilt! I can't wait to see it completed! You are so talented Susan! This is one my son-in-law would even love. He is a fisherman and it would be perfect for him! Painting on a quilt is something I haven't done yet so I will have to give it a shot some time. I would love to take a class from you too. I was noticing the quilt over the light box....I would like to see your light box set up. Is it just a small box like you used on the Quilting Arts program or is it bigger, something you set up yourself? Thanks!

    1. It is an old, very small light box, DuAnne. Probably the same one I used on Quilting Arts. I'd like to have a bigger one, but I don't really have the space.


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