Sunday, August 4, 2013

New Zealand Chook #1

New Zealand Chook #1
Copyright 2013 by Susan Brubaker Knapp
Just finished painting a tiny little art quilt I am calling “New Zealand Chook #1.” “Chook” is a New Zealander/Australian word for chicken. It is based on the photo (below) I took last Sunday near Rotorua, New Zealand while having lunch with my friend Alison Green. I don’t know if it is a hen or a rooster, but it wanted our crumbs, and it had some attitude! This piece will finish to about 7" square. 

Here is a detail shot:

I’m going to get started on the stitching soon, and will post a photo of it when I am done.


  1. That is beautiful and a beautiful subject to paint. I love how you did the eye, I was looking at it, close up to see the details.


  2. Thanks, Debbie! I'll try to take a really close-up shot of the eye once I'm done stitching, and will include it in the next post – just for you!

  3. It really does look as real as the picture!

  4. Beautiful photo and an amazing interpretation of it. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. You really adapted to the jet lag quickly.

  5. This farm girl is thinking it might be a rooster. Their combs are usually much larger than the hens and especially if he had 'attitude'! ;○)
    So enjoy reading of your travels, pictures and accomplishments.

    1. I thought he was probably a rooster, too, but I'm no farm girl, so I didn't want to guess! :-)


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