Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Suffolk Sheep #4 in progress

I have been threadsketching Suffolk Sheep #4. I started at Lake Norman Quilt Festival, where I was featured artist this weekend, and needed something to demonstrate. She is coming along nicely, but still needs a lot of thread to bring her to life. 

I took these photos outside this morning, and it is a dreary day, so there are no shadows – not good conditions for photographing fiber art – and it looks flatter than it is in real life. I’ll keep stitching, and will post photos when she is done – in the next few days, I hope! 

I am working on two large versions of this sheep, and two smaller ones. It is interesting how they all have their own personalities, as I painted them slightly differently!


  1. Loving this sheep, it's going to take lots of thread to make her really wooly.

  2. I love how the threads are bring it to life and the look of his shaggy wool looks great with the curled stitching.


  3. Wow Susan, the sheep is looking really good to me ! I hope you'll show pictures of them all when you're finished. I would like to see their personalities too.

    1. I will, Vickie! Might take me a while to get them all done, but I'll do a post when they are all done so you can see them side by side. It has been an interesting experience to do the same subject many times.


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