Monday, October 21, 2013

Why I don’t just paint

I’ve been asked a lot lately why I don’t just paint. It usually happens when I show people my wholecloth painted quilts before I threadsketch or quilt them. Believe me, I’ve thought the same thing myself. “Gee, it would be a lot faster if I just did this on canvas, and called it a day!”

I do think they are great in their unstitched form. Here’s an example of a small piece (about 7" square), called Suffolk Sheep #1, which I painted last month but have not yet stitched:

And here is a similar small piece, Suffolk Sheep #2, that I have just finished quilting:

For me, the stitching is where the real magic happens! Here is another version, Suffolk Sheep #4, which is much larger, about 20" square:

So that’s why I’m a fiber artist, and not a painter!


  1. I really think the stitching makes the piece, love how it adds texture and movement.


  2. Beautiful and what a difference the stitching makes....much prettier

  3. I agree.....the stitching makes the piece come alive. Your work is beautiful!!

  4. Happy Birthday Susan! Have a great time in Houston and congratulations on your ribbon! The work is GORGEOUS as usual!

  5. The painting is wonderful (I'm not so talented in painting) but the stitching really makes it come to life. Beautiful work.

  6. Yep, the quilting line and texture is why we quilt. The sheep are so cool
    LEeAnna Paylor


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