Monday, December 23, 2013

Quilting Arts TV Series 1300 is almost here!

“Quilting Arts TV” Series 1300 will be airing soon on PBS stations! 

The Quilting Arts TV website has previews of all the shows, a wonderful slideshow of images and projects, as well as links to sponsors, free Ebooks, and a link to the store to purchase the DVD or download the video. Downloads of the series are available today, Dec. 23. The DVD is available for preorder, and will ship Jan. 24. 

I appear in episodes #1301, 1304, 1311 and 1313. 

View a preview of episode #1301 here:

 View a preview of episode #1304 here:


  1. How exciting. I'm looking forward to this new series. Your fish look like great fun to create (if I only knew how). Definitely wanting to watch and learn.



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