Monday, September 1, 2014

“The Source of Her Magic”

“The Source of Her Magic”
by Susan Brubaker Knapp
Copyright 2014
9.5" x 22"

Here’s a new piece I made in the past week. I’m calling it “The Source of Her Magic.” When I made “Magpie’s Hoard” last month, I had so much fun using my embellishments, and “marrying” them together with hand and machine stitching that I decided to make another, similar piece. This one features the following materials:

Angelina fiber
Angelina film
felted wool beads
metal washer stained with alcohol inks and embossed
melted CD
silk sari waste
metal charm
polymer clay
hand-dyed burlap
hand-dyed cheesecloth
glass beads
perle cotton
cotton thread
cotton fabric
wool/polyester batting

… pretty much everything but the kitchen sink!

Here are some detail shots:

“The Source of Her Magic” (detail)

“The Source of Her Magic” (detail)

“The Source of Her Magic” (detail)


  1. What you accomplish in a weeks is amazing and beautiful! I'm still here....still admiring your talents and creations :)


  2. Your work is amazing. I just started following you and I find you very inspirational. Just have to say WOW!


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