Friday, August 28, 2015

Bit by Bit

I’ve named this little piece “Bit by Bit.” It’s been a tough summer, and that’s how I’m trying to take things: bit by bit. This is a small needleturn project. The batik squares are done in needleturn applique on a piece of fabric I paint-dyed with metallic paints. It is quite shimmery. This piece measures about 10" x 27".

Here are some detail shots:


  1. Some of my favourite colours all in one design, lovely! I loke the change of scale of the squares and quilting before you added them.

    1. I added them before quilting, Sandi! They just stand out so much because the quilting is around them and not on top of them.

  2. Truly a feast for the eyes. Thanks for sharing this.

    I do hope things improve for you.


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