Friday, August 21, 2015

“Purple Anemone” done

I just finished quilting this piece I am calling “Purple Anemone.” It will be about 17" x 23" once it is faced. It is based on this photo I took in the spring of 2014 in the Duke University gardens:

Here’s how it started, with pieces of fabric – hand-dyeds and batiks – fused down, and chalk lines indicating the main stitching lines (the veins on the petals):


Note: The color differences in these photos are due to different lighting conditions. The main photo at the top was taken outside, and most of the other photos were taken inside, under an Ott light. 

I used Lite Steam-a-Seam II as my fusible, Heavy Weight Shaping Aid as my stabilizer, and Aurifil Cotton Mako 50-weight for thread sketching. In the flower center, I used acrylic textile paint for the tiny dots and details that were too small to do with fused fabric.

I estimate that I spent more than 30 hours working on this piece, most of it thread sketching. Here are all the threads I used:

Of course, Wicked has to have her photo taken with each quilt in progress, and this one was no different:


  1. Stunning! I am amazed at each new piece, you are such an inspiration. Now to pick a photo and try your process.

  2. Have you ever done anything that isn't beautiful?

  3. Susan, I think this is my new favorite, but I say that each time you post a new piece! Finally, the new QA series has started its broadcast in our area and it's great!


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