Wednesday, August 10, 2016

“Old Baldy”

“Old Baldy” (13-1/2" x 21") by Susan Brubaker Knapp. Copyright 2016.
White fabric, acrylic textile paint, cotton batting, cotton thread.
Wholecloth painted and free-motion machine quilted.

I just finished painting and stitching this piece, which is based on my brother’s photograph of “Old Baldy.” The lighthouse was first constructed in 1817 on Bald Head Island, one of North Carolina’s barrier islands that is at the mouth of the Fear River on Cape Fear. It is the oldest lighthouse still standing in NC. My extended family has vacationed on this amazing island – known for preservation of unique ecosystems including a maritime forest, marsh and prime nesting grounds for loggerhead sea turtles – for eleven years. It is near and dear to my heart.

To celebrate the lighthouse’s 200th birthday, Old Baldy Quilters is working with other community organizations on the island to hold several workshops on the island in May 2017.

I’ll be teaching students how to paint and quilt their own versions of this piece on May 11. I'm donating my teaching fee to the group working to preserve the lighthouse. I’ll share details as soon as they are available.

“Old Baldy” detail


  1. Love your lighthouse, another wonderful creation. I have a lot of photos that I take of lighthouses and churches, etc, so hopefully someday I can try a painted piece.


  2. I love how you've quilted the sky. Skies can be a little tricky and you've nailed it.


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