Saturday, September 17, 2016

Little birdies

Here’s my latest needleturn applique project, some sweet little songbirds. The background newsprint fabric is by Tim Holtz, and I think it sets the birds off really nicely; it’s a neutral, but with enough interest that it’s not boring. I’m creating simple patterns from photos. These are very small 4" blocks, so I can’t add too much detail or it gets too intricate to stitch.

I’m not sure what project I’ll make with these. I’d love to do enough for a small art quilt, maybe about 24x36". I’m using some funky textured sequins, trimmed to size, for the pupils of the eyes. Have you seen all the amazing sequins that are available these days? Check them out on Cartwright’s Sequins.

I’m getting some requests for a pattern for this, but I’m hesitant. I haven’t done patterns in ages! Would you be interested in a pattern for these little birdies?


  1. Yes, I would love a pattern, especially since they're hand applique! I love these!

  2. Yes, I would love the pattern for the birds. I am heading to my LQS tomorrow to buy the Tim Holtz background.

    1. Thanks, catladyinmas ... but I don't have a pattern yet! Too much going on. And I want to do some more birds first!

  3. I would love a pattern for these birds!

  4. I too would love a pattern for these birds.


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