Monday, October 10, 2022

Family Sampler


Just finished Fox and Rabbit Designs’ “Friends and Family” sampler! I stitched it on 36-count Tango Edinburgh linen by Picture This Plus, and it’s about 13-1/4" square.

After stitching the design, I added four generations of our family initials (back to the mid-1800s) in some of the spaces in between the motifs. I tried to include three initials for the all the married women so that I could preserve their maiden names.

This was Fox and Rabbit Designs’ 2020 Linen and Threads Mystery Stitch-A-Long, inspired by antique Quaker and Vierlande samplers. You can find the pattern here:

SBK – Susan Brubaker Knapp
RK – Robert Knapp
EK – Eleanor Knapp
JK – Julia Knapp

Susan’s family:

ECB – Eleanor Carter Brubaker 1936-2011
JRB – John Robert Brubaker 1935-2019

DPC – Dorothy Paulson Carter 1901-1981
LC – Lynn Carter 1901-1938

HMB  – Helen McDanel Brubaker 1897-1958
JB – Joseph Brubaker 1897-1987

GFP – Gertrude Funkhouser Paulson 1867-1936
JP – Joseph Paulson 1867-1957

AWC – Agnes Warren Carter 1877-1951
TLC – Thomas Lynn Carter 1870-1913

CDB – Caroline DeVenny Brubaker 1871-1925
EB – Edwin Brubaker 1864-1939

FBMD – Frances Braden McDanel 1869-1939
FMD – Fred McDanel

Rob’s family:

JAK – Janet Armstrong Knapp 1925-2012
DK – Dale Knapp 1914

GWA – Hazel Wade Armstrong 1897-1988
PA – Paul Armstrong 1893-1973

LCK – Leota Carter Knapp 1895-1977
SK – Shirl Knapp1893-1961

SW –Samuel Wade 1858-1931
EBW – Emma Burns Wade 1868-1932

SDA – Sophia Dutton Armstrong 1853-1922
JA – James Armstrong 1840-1924

SRC – Sarah Richards Carter 1852-1951
SC – Stephen Carter 1853-1927

SKK – Sarah Kreag Knapp 1845-1919
FK – Frederick Knapp 1841-1920



  1. This is beautiful, Susan! What a labor of love!

  2. What an amazing record of your family! Beautiful!

  3. An amazing piece - congratulations.


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