Monday, February 8, 2010

Red Coleus in progress

Here’s my new piece, which I am calling Red Coleus, in progress. I still have to do some shading on the brighter pink area, but it is getting close. This is the piece I started this weekend while doing demonstrations of painting on fabric at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden during the opening of Fiber Art Optons’ exhibition. (See previous posts for details.).

This piece is 12" square, and will be donated to Studio Art Quilt Associates for their annual auction to raise money for the group.


  1. This is painted?! I thought it was a's beautiful! I love coleus anyway and you made it almost touchable. I'm so glad Sarah Ann Smith mentioned your blog 'cause now it's one of my favorites. Your work is awesome.

  2. Oh, you are so sweet! Glad you are enjoying my blog.

  3. I agree - I thought it was a photo as well. Looks wonderful - I love the textural qualities you have achieved.

  4. At the risk of leaving an unoriginal comment, I really thought it was a photo, too! Amazing. It's not fair how good you are at everything you do!


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