Thursday, May 20, 2010

Max gets more press

 Maximum Cat Nap (22" x 18.5")

If you have pets, you know how much hair they produce, and how it gets everywhere. So when I was considering subjects for an article on adding texture to your work with thread for the June/July issue of Quilting Arts, my furry friends came immediately to mind. Our cat Max, whom we often call Maximum Pusscat because he has a BIG personality, decided that he should be the star of the show. He even jumped up into the little stage I’d built to take photos of my smaller pieces, and allowed me to photograph him:

Here’s a closeup of his portrait. I painted him with acrylic paint on white fabric, and then heavily thread sketched on top. 

The piece below, “Wool Yarn,” is also featured in Quilting Arts, and a free pattern (a line drawing and simple directions) is available on the Quilting Arts website in the Online Extras section. This piece was created with colored fabric on a black background. I added some shading with Caran D’Ache water-soluable crayons, and then created lots of texture with thread.

Wool Yarn (12" x 12")


  1. Great cat Susan! Love the quilt too, wonderful!

  2. Really fabulous, Susan! I love them both!

  3. Susan, these are amazing! You are masterful at creating the impression of texture with threadwork!

  4. Love the kitty!

    Did you hit the crayons with some water after you used them on the "Wool Yarn" piece?

  5. Karen,
    Yes, I usually use water on the crayons; it gives more of a water color look.

  6. Love those pieces!
    I am finishing things up, but want to try thread painting, though I doubt mine will come out so well;)


  7. That Max! What a wonderful piece. It looks like I could reach into my computer monitor and feel his fur! Can't wait for my QA to arrive!

  8. Max is so beautiful and so is your portrait of him!

  9. So Beautiful! Make you want to reach out a pet it.

  10. What a gift!!! I hope you wake up in the morning and feel the joy and thrill of your talent and not take it for granted for one single second.



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