Monday, November 1, 2010

2010 Quilt Market, Part 2

Bonnie McCaffery
So here is part 2, a bit late because they couldn’t manage to hook me up to the internet at my hotel. (ARGH!) I took a wonderful class in digitized bobbin work from Bonnie McCaffery on Friday morning. Bonnie is a fabulous teacher, and is partly responsible for me becoming an art quilter... I took her "Painted Faces" class in 2005, and it totally changed my life. (Thanks, Bonnie!) If you have not watched any of Bonnie’s VidCasts, make sure you check them out. She features a different quilt artist every month to interview, and it is very inspiring stuff. 

Amy Butler
Amy Butler’s booth was lush and colorful, as usual.

She had made these amazing, huge flowers that topped large floor pillows.
I love the bold florals and strong graphics of Amy’s fabrics.

Bari J
This is Bari J Ackerman with some pieces made from her wonderful Country Lane fabric line.

This is a display of books being released by Stash Books, an imprint of C&T Publishing geared toward hip “fabric arts for a handmade lifestyle.” They are lovely!
Mary Abreu, author of Little Girls, Big Style
Mary Abreu, author of Stash Books title Little Girls, Big Style, was signing books. I got one (!) and if I can bear to part with it, I’ll do a give-away next week, so stay tuned!
Linda Teufel and Noriko Endo
I am so excited to read Noriko Endo’s new book, Confetti Naturescapes. It is just out from Dragon Threads (that’s publisher Linda Teufel with Noriko on the left), and it features many of Noriko’s fabulous landscapes.


  1. You make us feel like we're there with you! Thanks for pics!!

  2. Thanks for further " peeks" into what is happening at Houston. It's great to get these glimpses when one would like to be there!

  3. Gorgeous quilting and love that thread art, beautiful threads.


  4. Thanks for sharing your journey to the show - like many of us, going to a show is a dream that probably won't be realised.
    I LOVE Bonnie's quilt - do you have any close ups of it? - how was it done - is it coloured thread quiting or fabrics?

  5. Thanks for the "peeks" - I would love to go sometime. Looks like so much fun. I'd want to bring one of everything home with me!!!!

  6. Ethne: This is one of Bonnie's latest classes. She teaches students to do free-motion bobbin embroidery (the outlines of the shapes) and then to paint dots inside them. Cool, huh?

  7. Confetti Naturescapes is on my list of books I want to buy :)

  8. Susan, it was wonderful to meet you at QM! Thanks so much for coming to my signing and the sweet words!


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