Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Two butterfly pieces are done!

This morning, I finished stitching the facing on two butterfly quilts, and then photographed them. Up and Away! (above) is a piece for an exhibition by Fiber Art Options that opens at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden on October 1. You can read about how I made it in previous posts. Here are some detail shots:

I used heavy carpet thread for the antennae. Even though I waxed it the thread, they are still flopping around a bit. I may need to replace them with wire. Ideas, anyone?

I love how the stitching accentuates the grass. 

I had a lot of fun quilting the sky. I wanted it to look like air currents. 

This piece is Little Green Butterfly. I made this piece for a Silent Auction this fall to benefit the International Quilt Association. It is a tiny thing, 7.75" x 6"; I hope it doesn’t look too pitiful when displayed with the other small quilts. I think they were all supposed to be little, less than 24" or so. But I think it would be beautiful stitched to a mat and framed. Here is a detail:

Sometimes when I take photographs, or when I am stitching the little details in my work, I am filled with amazement at the intricacies of nature, the miracles of the little things. I am reminded of this quote:

“God is in the details.” – Mies van der Rohe 


  1. They're gorgeous!! Have you tried using a fabric stiffener on the carpet thread? It may give them enough life to stay put but I'm not sure how they'll travel.

  2. I love the way you quilted that piece, lots of movement in the sky. I have used stiffy for whiskers, you can try some on your fingers and pull it down the strand and see if it stiffens enough, you can always add more.


  3. What is "stiffy," Debbie? And what kind of fabric stiffener, Tami? Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Your pieces are amazing! Love your work.


  5. Every time I visit your blog it is like being in a wonderful class. Your gift of instruction is so important to the rest of we humble quilters. Please keep blogging and thinking out loud. I'm listening/reading/doing

  6. I would try Golden Mediums GAC-400. the label on the bottle says, "Stiffens Textiles/Fibers." It supposedly dries to a "hard, stiff film. For use with neutral fibers. Useful for stiffening unprimed canvas or sculpting and shaping fabric." it might be worth giving it a shot. I LOVE these pieces and have really enjoyed following your progress on them.

  7. If the stiffener doesn't work, you could try embroidering or couching the threads down.

  8. I love the Whiplash lines of quilting in the sky. Very Art Nouveau. Nice organic flow.

  9. These are absolutely gorgeous!! I think that I would suggest using mod podge on the antennae, and I would likely place some waxed paper underneath, perhaps with a touch of vaseline so that it didn't stick. But then again, I am just a newbie, so I have no idea what other things are out there!

  10. Wow wow wow wow - they are both perfect.

  11. GORGEOUS! Oh, I love these. I wish my sewing skills were as good as yours!!!

  12. As usual, your work is absolutely perfect. No way could I get that close to my stitching. But you do inspire all of us to create.
    white glue would do the same job as the mod podge, but yes make sure you don't get it on the rest of the work as it will take time to dry clear

  13. Hi Susan,

    Yesterday, I was at Michaels and saw a product by DMC that might work for you.

    It is cotton wrapped wire! I don't know if it is stiff enough for what you want but you might want to check it out.

    Your piece is lovely.

  14. Hi, Sandy,
    I will check out the cotton-wrapped wire. Thanks for the suggestion! I have to figure this out before Friday when we hang the show!


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