Wednesday, November 9, 2011

“Magical Mistletoe” pattern now available as a download

A few months ago, Tami Pfeil, the owner of Handbehg Felts, contacted me to ask if my Magical Mistletoe project (shown above) was available as a pattern. I told her that Magical Mistletoe was a project I created for the 2010 Quilting Arts Gifts, and that they now owned the pattern. When Tami e-mailed Helen at Quilting Arts, and told her about the demand for the pattern, Interweave decided to set it up for them as a downloadable pattern. You can now get it for $4 on Interweave’s website. Just in time for Christmas!

And if you do, you’re going to need some cute little felted wool balls from Handbehg’s Etsy shop! (Shipping is free right now, for a limited time.) Better get busy so you can smootch with your sweetie under the mistletoe next month!


  1. Fabulous! Such a pretty and festive piece.

  2. Adorable. But, does this mean that the pattern is not available in Quilting Arts Gifts from last year? I mean, if I decided to get the back issue, would I not get the pattern?

  3. Hi, Jennifer! Yes, the pattern is in the 2010 QA Gifts issue, so you can order it. But they are apparently running low, and once they are gone, the downloadable pattern will be available for people who want it.


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