Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Quilt Market, Part 6

Carolyn Friedlander is a new designer, and I absolutely loved the quilts she had in her booth. Her stuff is fresh, arty and contemporary. Her website isn’t quite up yet, but it will be soon!

This is one of Carolyn’s wonderful designs. I predict you’ll be seeing lots more of her stuff!

This is Corinne Jacobson of Jacobson Creative, Inc. They manufacture and market these cool little ClingOn magnetic holders for pins, scissors and small tools. They are made of resin with extremely strong magnets embedded in them.

One side goes on the back of your shirt or pocket, and the other side, embossed with a pretty design, goes on the front. I think I need one of these for when I sew, and another for when I’m doing handy-woman things around the house; they would be great to hold nails and screws, too!

SusanClaire Mayfield of New Zealand calls herself The Gourmet Quilter “because quilting is delicious!” Here she is with her pattern called “That Japanese Doll Quilt.” It is darling! 

The last day of Quilt Market fell on Halloween, so a lot of the vendors were dressed up. Check out this guy in the Primitive Gatherings booth, dressed as Elvis!

Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop has wonderful quilt patterns, kits and punch needle embroidery with an old-fashioned style. They make their own hand-dyed wool, and also have historical fabrics in their online shop. 

Here I am with Jan Patek in my witchy attire. I have long admired Jan’s work. Her style is so different from mine, but I love it! She has an amazing line of books, patterns and fabrics. We are posed near her pattern called “The Witch is In.”

Robin of Nestlings by Robin has been designing and selling quilt patterns for six years, and this was her first Quilt Market! You can read more about her experience vending on her blog.

Robin had some cute little quilts in her booth featuring hand embroidery. (This is a big trend this year!)

Mary and Barb of Me and My Sister Designs create quilt and purse patterns, write books, and design fabric for Moda!

Here’s a good example of a company exhibiting at Quilt Market that makes a product that crosses over into quilting. Imaginisce makes products and papers for the scrapbooking and paper crafts industry. Their i-Top tool (below) transforms a brad into a custom embellishment (like the ones on the necklace in the photo above in a few easy steps.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned! More photos, info and giveaways are coming (eventually!)


  1. Thanks so much for posting all of this!

  2. Thank you Susan for posting my booth and those Cling Ons look great! Great stocking stuffers for quilter friends:)

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  4. Thanks so much for posting and linking to me, GourmetQuilter. Just thought I would mention I am in New Zealand (not Australia) in case it makes any difference. It was great to meet you at Market.


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