Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Keukenhof

After class in Bunschoten yesterday, Lya and I hightailed it to the other side of Amsterdam to the town of Lisse, a garden famous for its incredible show of spring flowers, particularly the Dutch bulbs raised here. I only have one word to describe it: Wow!

Let me share some of the beauty with you...

These magnificent trees -- I think they are copper beech -- are at the end of their lifespan, and will be taken down and replaced with healthy young trees after this season. I am glad that I got to see them!

I took this photo of the countryside on our way back to Bunschoten:

And here is another mama sheep with her lambs:


  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them. I am enjoying your trip.

  2. I see a lot of inspiration for some new wholeclothpaintings!
    gr. Marjolijn

  3. I saw a travel show on Amsterdam and thought of you. Great photos! Make sure to do good'll have inspiration for years!


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