Sunday, April 1, 2012

Workshop in Groningen - Day 8

This is the same group I taught yesterday; today they took on wholecloth painting, and did an excellent job.

Several women in my class brought in some of their work for me to see. Here is Fokkema with "Purple Dreams":

This shows the hand stitching on the back of the piece -- a lot of work!

Barbara Wilson brought work including these beautifully textured journals:

And here is Marjolijn van Wijk with "Haan" ("Rooster"):

"Haan" (detail):

Tomorrow, I am off to teach in Bunschoten.


  1. It looks absolutely inspiring! Lots of color and texture! I like that rooster!

  2. Why thit I not pay attention to see that I hold the quilt upside down.

    To see the quilt on the right way look at my blog

    I will thanks you again here, for the beautifull days in Groningen and hope that you will be come back.

  3. What beautiful work and amazing designs and pieces.



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