Sunday, March 20, 2016

International Quilt Weekend on is celebrating International Quilt Weekend by giving away free access to all their episodes and awarding $11,000 in prizes. You can watch my episodes (#1709 and #901) for free today (Sunday, March 20)! To gain access and enter the contest simply click here.
Sorry for the late notice; I'm just returning (and recovering) from the shoot of Series 1800 of Quilting Arts TV (and I'll post all the photos from that soon!) 

In Episode #901, I demonstrate a traditional needleturn block, and a small art quilt, both featuring nests:

On show 1709 (shot in summer 2015), I’m demonstrating thread sketching and wholecloth painting.


  1. I just watched your episode 1709...painting the quilt and then thread stitching it....I would love to learn this technique...whether with fusibles or paints. can you tell me which one I should try first and what dvd should I purchase. I just love your work.

    1. Hi, Kathleen,
      Thanks so much! I think you should start with the technique that interests you most; that way, you'll have the most determination to learn it. I do thread sketching on both my wholecloth painted quilts and my fused ones. There are complete descriptions of the content of my DVDs on my website here:


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